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Domain Name Renewal Scam


There are a few bad actors out there in the Domain Name Registrar space.  What they are doing is technically legal - but it is certainly unethical.  You may receive very official looking letter or email that correctly advises you that your domain is coming up for renewal, and offering to renew the domain for you.  If you agree, by sending them money, you will be transferring your domain name away from WyzHost, and you web site will not longer work.

We have set up Transfer Blocking on all your domain names to prevent this from happening without both of us getting advance warning.  I can release a domain name only if I explicitly allow it, and I will not do this without first contacting you.  I also have set up all domains for automatic renewal, which means that WyzHost pays the renewal fee automatically on your behalf.  This is why you get your renewal invoice from us as much as two months in advance, so we have an opportunity to collect from you before we pay to renew your domain.

Please disregard this letter or email if you get one like it.  We are not affiliated with this company in any way.

Domain services scam

Thanks, ESR

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